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Automation and Remote Monitoring, Harberechts Pit Quarry
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

Observant® monitoring and Nov Mon Solar pumping solutions prove perfect fit to this project – delivered by Southwest Irrigaiton

Harberecht's Pit Quarry supplies road base for road repairs and upkeep of the Wagga Wagga (NSW) City Council.

Southwest Irrigation supplied and installed a suitably sized Nov Mono Solar pump system to dewater the quarry in 2011. This solar pump system is capable of transferring up to 55,000 litres of water per summer’s day, from the quarry to settling dams adjacent to the quarry.

After high rainfall events rainwater can be transferred from the quarry to two holding dams at a predetermined high level. Either dam can be filled automatically with the use of solar actuated valving made possible with Observant® technology.

With the consideration of labour and fuel costs, the Operations Section of Infrastructure Services, who oversee quarry activity for Wagga Wagga City Council, contacted Southwest Irrigation for ideas on how to automate, and monitor the transfer of the water between the quarry and settling dams.

Southwest Irrigation and Observant® developed a system that will allow the existing solar pump system, to transfer water from the quarry to fill the lower of the two dams to a pre-determined high level, which will then automatically close a valve, re-directing the water to the higher settling dam. This dam in turn will then fill to a predetermined high level, which, through the automation set up through the Observant® system, can shut the solar pump system down until the water levels in the dams drop, allowing the Pump to again operate. Through the use of one-way and air relief valves, we are also capable of remotely priming the pipeline between the two settling dams, allowing for a syphon, which will transfer water from high to lower dam without the need of the pump system.

Iplex Pipelines
Nov Mono Solar Pump System

Observant® C3 Solar Powered Field Unit, with Rain Gauge, 3G and UHF antennas
Plasson Poly Fittings

Lower running costs
Remote monitoring and control
System design, installation and testing

Up to date dam water levels, pump status, water flows, photos, recorded rainfalls, can be viewed via the internet, or iPhone using the Observant® Global Webpage. All remote operations of the valves and pumps can also be performed from this page. Text messages can be sent to selected phones, informing of high/low dam water levels, valves stuck open/closed and other warnings of the system working outside its determined parameters.

Once installed, Operations can log onto the secure Observant Global Page, from an internet connected device, any time of the day or night, and get a current overview of what the water scheme at Haberecht's Pit is doing, without the need for someone to physically visit the site – saving a 140km round trip.

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Harberechts Pit

Automation, remote monitoring and control of dewatering and dam levels – by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Southwest Irrigation.


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