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Case Studies: Domestic

A reliable, cost-effective water supply is essential – whether on farm, or at home. Southwest Irrigation helps deliver complete solutions, whatever your needs.

We are experienced in designing and installing water-efficient irrigaiton systems and have access to the best products and brands to deliver the optimal results for any size project –

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Southwest Irrigation has the expertise and knowledge of local conditions to deliver the right solutions whatever your water management needs. Our team is fully trained and experienced in a complete range of irrigation and pumping related requirements, including –

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Lower salinity and sub-surface irrigation for domestic garden
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

Robert and Denise Dunn needed a reliable cost-effective water supply, and a solution to the high salinity of their existing bore – problem solved by Southwest Irrigation 

Usually a bore water supply that is very high in salt content means that there is little or no chance of having beautiful lawns and gardens.

Our clients, Robert & Denise commissioned Southwest Irrigation to investigate options to alleviate their domestic home water supply and irrigation issues, including the high salinity of their existing bore, so they could enjoy an oasis surrounding their rural residence.

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Decrease salinity
Drip irrigation system design and installation
Increased water pressure

Project management
Water analysis and conditioning

Two Magnetic Fluid Reactors were installed. The first on the discharge of the bore pump, and the second on the discharge of the 20,000 litre storage tank.

After analysis, a reduction of hardness and chloride of approximately 20% was achieved as well as changing the pH from 6.5 to a more desirable 7.2.

As the chloride level was still slightly elevated, we were still concerned with causing leaf burn to shrubs, and water stain on the glass on the home due to drift if pop up sprinklers were installed.

Consequently sub surface irrigation was installed using TORO 13mm Drip-in at 400mm spacing to all lawns and gardens. The system is divided into 13 stations in total and is supplied via a variable speed pump, ensuring a constant optimum pressure is available at all times.

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Sub surface irrigation for domestic garden

Home sweet home – water needs, from garden to kitchen sink – solutions delivered by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Southwest Irrigation.


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