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Public spaces, parks, sporting ovals and grounds deserve the highest standards in water management solutions – Southwest Irrigation

Southwest Irrigation has the know-how to deliver practical water management solutions for every size project

Southwest Irrigation works with the industry's leading suppliers, making sure that the right brands and products are used for each project, including –

Carefree Water Conditioners
Grundfos Alldos

Grundfos Pumps
Hunter Products
Iplex Pipelines
Nov Mono Solar Pumping Systems
Observant® Remote Monitoring Solutions
Pioneer Water Tanks
Plasson Poly Fittings
Richdel Solenoid Valves

Toro Sand Media Water Filtration Systems
Toro Water Water Filtration Sytems

Southwest Irrigation has the expertise and knowledge of local conditions to deliver the right solutions whatever your water management needs. Our team is fully trained and experienced in a complete range of irrigation and pumping related requirements, including –

Irrigation systems design, installation, maintenance and refurbishment
Pumping systems
Remote monitoring systems
Solar pumping systems
Water analysis and conditioning
Water pressure systems


Town Water Filtration System, Cootamundra Shire Council
Cootamundra, New South Wales

Efficient, cost-effective and safe use of treated effluent water to service town sporting grounds and parks – solution delivered by Southwest Irrigation

Cootamundra Shire Council has recently upgraded the water filtration system which services the transfer of treated effluent water that is used throughout the town's sporting grounds and parks.

Carefree Water Conditioners
Iplex Pipelines
Plasson Poly Fittings
Toro Automatic Backflush

Toro Sand Media Water Filtration System

Lower running costs
Higher grade filtration
System design and installation
Updating of legacy systems
Water filtration system installation

Southwest Irrigation has installed a Toro Australia 3 x 48 inch Automatic Backflush Sand Media Filter System to replace the aging legacy disc filter system that was no longer keeping up with the town water supply demand.

The sand tanks were used as part of an automated media filtration system which replaced the antiquated legacy screen filtration system. Because of the high operating pressure (1100 kpa) stainless steel tanks had to be purpose built for the application.

The system was installed, tested and commissioned by Southwest Irrigation, and has surpassed the expectations of the Shire Council Staff – delivering a much higher water filtering standard to the irrigation systems servicing Cootamundra's parks and sporting ovals.

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Cootamundra Shire Council Filtration

Toro Automatic Backflush System and Sand Media Filtration System, installed by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Southwest Irrigation.

Irrigation System, Robertson Oval
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

Irrigation system design and installation breathes new life into this important sporting facility and public grounds – Southwest Irrigation

Wagga Wagga City Council recently undertook a multi million dollar redevelopment of Roberston Oval, creating a multi-purpose sports facility in Wagga Wagga. This important and high-regarded sporting ground primarily hosts local cricket, Australian Rules football and rugby league matches.

Southwest Irrigation was selected to carry out the design, supply and installation of a new irrigation to the wicket area, outfield and spectator banks.

Hunter I-35 Sprinkers
Iplex Pipelines
Plasson Poly Fittings
Richdel Solenoid Valves

Increased water efficiency
Irrigation system design and installation
Lower running costs
Use of treated effluent water on public grounds

After consultation with Council and design architects, Shane Carroll, owner-operator of Southwest Irrigation designed a suitable irrigation system to meet the needs of this world-class sports facility. The design had to take into consideration player safety and longevity of the system.

A total of 143 Hunter I-35 and I-25 sportsturf sprinklers were selected, and are controlled by 21 electric solenoid valves. The automated system is irrigated using treated effluent pumped to the site.

The upgrade of Robertson Oval was completed in Feb, 2013 resulting in a premier sporting venue for Wagga Wagga.

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Robertson Oval

Complete irrigation system design and installation, by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Southwest Irrigation.

Solar water pumping system, Coolamon Shire Council
Coolamon, New South Wales

Solar water pump with GPS tracking proves the ideal cost-effective solution to provide balanced water supply throughout the year – Southwest Irrigation .

Southwest irrigation has been working with Coolamon Shire Council with a number of projects over the last decade, installing a range of water management systems to efficiently utilise the towns treated effluent water. 

Iplex Pipelines
Nov Mono GPS Solar Tracking System
Nov Mono Solar Water Pump System
Plasson Poly Fittings

Lower running costs
Solar power means energy efficiency
System design and installation

Due to the changing seasonal demands, Coolamon Shire were short of treated water during the summer months, whereas during the cooler months could not store the excess water produced, thus had to let it go to other storage dams which could no longer be accessed. To eliminate this problem the Shire had a 30 megalitre storage dam built approximately 200 metres from the treatment works, to allow the excess water produced during winter to flow via gravity to this storage site.

Due to the fact that this stored water was needed to be returned to the treatment works, to be again pumped to other storage dams throughout the town, they needed a suitable pump system to undertake this job.

With consideration of the site being unpowered, the costs of getting power there and the rising costs of power, a Mono Solar Pump system was installed. This consisted of a 2400 watt, GPS tracking system that was capable of transferring over 100,000 litres of water per typical summer’s day, back to the treatment works.

This pump system has now been in operation for several years, without problems, or ongoing costs to date, and has proven to be a very successful project.

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Coolamon Shire Council

Nov Mono Solar water pumping system with 2400 watt GPS tracking system. Solar water pumping system designed and Installed by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Southwest Irrigation.

Kindra Park Sports Complex, Coolamon Shire Council
Coolamon, New South Wales

Effective storage, filtration and use of effluent water for irrigation systems to water community sports grounds - Southwest Irrigation

Kindra Park Sports Complex is one site that has a treated water effluent storage tank dam on-site. Southwest Irrigation has installed and commissioned a Grundfos submersible water pump (SE1.00.100.55A) to transfer water from the dam, through a Toro Sand Media water filtration system and a Grundfos Alldos Chlorine Injector System, into a 100,000 litre Pioneer galvanised water storage tank.

Grundfos Alldos Chlorine Injector System
Grundfos Hydro MPC Dual Water Pump Pressure System
Grundfos Submersible Water Pumps
Iplex Pipelines
Pioneer Galvanised Water Tanks, 100,000L
Plasson Poly Fittings
Toro Australia Sand Media Water Filtration System

Increase energy efficiency
Increased water pressure
Lower running costs
System design and installation

After a settling period, the tank supplies water to a Grundfos Hydro MPC Dual Water Pump Pressure Sytem to boost the water pressure to suite the irrigation system.

The system met or exceeded the expectations of all parties.

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Coolamon Shire Council

Complete water filtration and treament of effluent water for effective irrigation of community grounds –  by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Southwest Irrigation.


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