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Irrigation System Upgrade, Wagga Greyhound Club
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

An upgrade to existing system with new sprinklers, automatic valves and remote controllers has transformed this NSW greyhound racing track, saving water, time and money – Southwest Irrigation

Darren Hull, the President of the Greyhound Track cannot believe the difference a recent upgrade to the club's track irrigation system has made. Previously volunteers would water the track for up to three hours prior to a race meeting. Additionally, during the summer time a curator would often have to manually water the track in between races. 

Iplex Pipelines
Plasson Poly Fittings
Toro Automatic solenoid valves

Toro 300 Series sprinklers
Toro TMR Series hand held remote controller

Irrigation system design and installation
Lower running costs

Remote control saves time and money

Southwest Irrigation replaced old sprinklers with new lower trajectory TORO 300 series sprinklers (less affected by wind) were installed on the inside running rail and a new second row of sprinklers installed outside of the track to provide an even coverage of water delivery. Manual valves were replaced by automatic solenoid valves which in turn can be operated remotely using a TORO TMR hand held kit.

Now Darren can apply even amounts of water to the track surface in approximately twenty minutes using a hand held device which provides complete control of system automation,  all from the comfort of the kennelling area.

Darren says that the recent upgrade will allow the Wagga Greyhound Club to retain their number one Country NSW Track ranking.

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Wagga Greyhound Track

Water sprinkler replacement, automatic solenoid vales and Toro TMR hand held remote conntroller has transformed the track of the Wagga Greyhound Club. Installed and commissioned by IRRIGEAR Stores Member Southwest Irrigation.


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