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Need reliable water supply and lower running costs? Southwest Irrigation delivers

A reliable, cost-effective water supply is essential – whether on farm, or in mixed farming environments.

Southwest Irrigation works with the industry's leading suppliers, making sure that the right brands and products are used for each project, including –

Nov Mono Pumps
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Southwest Irrigaiton has the expertise and knowledge of local conditions to deliver the right solutions whatever your water management needs. Our team is fully trained and experienced in a complete range of irrigation and pumping related requirements, including –

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Solar pumping system, mixed farming enterprise
Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

A Nov Mono solar pumping system proves a perfect solution for this properties drought-proofing water supply strategy, delivering a reliable water supply and lower carbon footprint – thanks to Southwest Irrigation

Ian Marsden runs an emu farm about 40kms southwest of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. As well as producing emus for slaughter, Ian also runs a mixed farming enterprise.

Ian has always had water supply issues and approached Southwest Irrigation to help find a practical and cost-efficient way to guarantee his water supply and also try to reduce his carbon footprint.

Iplex Pipelines
Nov Mono 400W Sun-Sub solar pumping system
Plasson Poly Fittings

Lower running costs
Practical, cost-effective delivery
Pumping system installation and testing
Solar pumping system solutions

A bore had already been drilled, so Ian worked with Southwest Irrigation to discuss possible ways of harvesting the water. It was clear that access to power on the remote site was going to be a costly exercise and there of course was concern regarding ongoing power costs.

Jonathon Cattell, of Southwest Irrigation, suggested Ian take a look at a Mono solar pumping system. After further consultation a Mono 400W Sun-Sub solar pumping system was sized for the project, which would easily supply the required 16,000 litres per averaged summer day.

Ian can now rely that his water storage tank will always be at an optimum level, thus drought-proofing his property and ensuring stock will have accessible water throughout the year.

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Marsden - Wagga Wagga case study

Nov Mono 400W Sun-Sub Solar Pumping System, Pumping System Installation and Testing Southwest Irrigation NSW - a Member of IRRIGEAR Stores.

Water Supply Remote Monitoring, Oxford Station
Ivanhoe, New South Wales

Water supply management, remotely monitored and controlled by an Observant® system allows this merino and crossbred sheep property to ensure stock water availability and lower costs – Southwest Irrigation

Ross Harvey owns Oxford Station, which includes five properties totalling 222,000 acres
and holding 30,000 pure merinos and crossbred sheep. However, he lives over 400km away in Wagga Wagga NSW.

Although he spends time at Oxford Station nearly every week during the shearing season, it was proving costly to manage his water runs from that distance.

He paid a contractor $1,000 a week to check the tanks every two days in summer. With a
300km round-trip to check all the main water points, it’s a big job to look into every tank
and trough. And, if the contractor didn’t climb up to check water levels in the tanks, the
troughs could empty before the next water run.

“I’d been looking for a better solution for years,” Ross says. “In this kind of country, we
need close monitoring.”

Tim Matthews, of Southwest Irrigation, suggested Ross take a look at an Observant® remote monnitoring solution. By combining level sensors, cameras and pump automation, Ross would be able to gain complete control over his water runs, with up to date information on his computer in Wagga Wagga, or for that matter, from wherever he needs to be.

Iplex Pipelines
Nov Mono Solar Water Pumps
Observant® Monitoring System
Plasson Poly Fittings

Lower running costs
Save time and money
Save water and maintenance costs

Remote control of water pumps
Remote identification of leaks
Visually check the condition of sheep

Observant® technology now monitors about half the tanks and troughs at Oxford Station, and Ross intends to expand it to cover the entire property. Once he does, he expects to save about $50,000 a year. “I won’t have to spend $1,000 a week on a contractor, so the savings are enormous,” he explains.

He estimates he’s already saving at least half that, on water run costs alone. “Right now, I don’t need to pay for someone to do water runs any more. They just keep an eye on the tanks without sensors. I can sit in the office in Wagga, and if I see a problem I just tell the workmen what it is and what to do. And then I can also see when it’s done.”

Ross has been surprised by the side benefits, especially from the cameras. “I can’t believe how clear the images are. I can check the condition of my lambs from 500km away. I can see when emus are over-running the property.” He believes the cameras also offer opportunities to manage security concerns, especially with sheep theft a constant worry. “Having those cameras are a real comfort to Ross, when he’s so far away,” Tim observes.

Ross can even see when something has been fixed, from the camera images showing the manager’s tyre marks. Tim says Ross is one of his happiest customers. “His expectations have been blown out of the water; he’s getting a lot more out of it than he expected to.” “I couldn’t recommend this more highly,” Ross says. “The savings are enormous and there are side benefits as well. Every water run used to mean driving 300km, and cost me $1,000 a week. Now I can do it in five minutes from my computer

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Oxford Station case study

Nov Mono 400W Sun-Sub Solar Pumping System, Pumping System Installation and Testing Southwest Irrigation.


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